Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a marketing hologram added to my website?

A: Simply call us at 866-541-8382 and speak to one of our sales representatives. We'll then schedule a time for you or a company representative to come in and film your video.

Q: What do I say in the video?

A: Typical videos speak about the company, what makes your company unique, and encourage the visitor to call or come by your business. Simply prepare a short script before shooting the video.

Q: How much does the marketing hologram cost?

A: You will find that getting a marketing hologram for your website is very affordable.

Q: Is this technology new?

A: While the technology has been around for a few years, marketing holograms have rapidly begun appearing on websites within the last year. This is largely due to all of the data that has been released about them improving conversion rates and also the viral effect of people seeing them on other companies' websites.

Q: Will adding a marketing hologram to my website slow down the site?

A: No. The hologram is hosting on our high-speed servers. Your webpage loads first, then, the hologram is pulled from our servers onto your webpage, thus not slowing down your webpage. In addition, the holograms load extremely fast.

Q: How easy is it to integrate the hologram with my website?

A: We simply email you or your webmaster a small piece of code to be placed on your homepage. That's it.

Q: How long will my video be?

A: Marketing hologram videos are normally between 30 to 40 seconds long.

I want to thank eBuzz for helping us to communicate to our customers about our carpet cleaning service in a clear and easy to understand way.

Joel Gonzalez,
Lubbock, TX

eBuzz Online quoted us $1497 to create the same website that another company had quoted to us to do for $5,000. And, judging by their previous work, it looks like they do higher quality work, and we will be using them to do our website

Janet Briggs,
Houston, TX

Since I added my virtual spokesperson visitors have been staying on my website longer, and my site conversions have grown tremendously.

Brad Smith,
Lubbock, TX

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